Excel Expert Services


Excel is arguably one of the most versatile, powerful and ubiquitous programs in businesses today. Most businesses use a very small percentage of Excel’s potential because they lack the time and expertise and most importantly the knowledge of what is possible. I bring 20+ years experience in unlocking those possibilities, assisting businesses to better maintain and understand the reams of data they collect. Any business can better leverage their time and reduce costly errors with an easy to use, low/no learning curve solution custom build to their specific requirements.


A short list,of what can be done in Excel would include:

  • The ability to pull data from multiple worksheets, workbooks or downloaded data files into a single, easy to read formatted report.
  • Generate invoices, contracts, timesheets or work orders in Excel or export Excel data into a defined Microsoft Word template.
  • Use Excel as a database. For example entering or selecting a part number can look up and populate any information related to that part such as the product descriptions, cost, markups, etc.
  • Custom business intelligence reporting based on multiple or single criteria. For example to show sales for a person, region, unit for the last month/year, compared to previous month/year, etc.
  • Generate timeline reports to keep track of when various deadlines approach. For example a law firm might need to file 28 days before a trial date or be aware of an event 10 months in advance. This is just an example but can be applied to any business. Multiple reports can be generated with a single click.

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