Data Entry Forms


Simplify data entry with input forms built to your specifications. Excel workbooks can become very complex to navigate and manage. Forms are an easy to use, easy to understand solution which also provides you with greater control of the process.

  • Forms simplify data input providing easy visibility of all the relavant data versus a spreadsheet where data may be scattered and difficult to see at a glance.
  • Simplify and provide greater control to the entry process using popup calendars, drop-down lists, radio buttons and check boxes.
  • Robust reporting can only be accomplished with reliable and consistent data (“gargabe in/garbage out”). Forms allow you to control the input and not allow users to enter data outside of the rules.
  • A single field such as as a product ID or part # can populate related fields automatically such as product description, price, number in inventory, etc. This both saves you time and can significantly increase accuracy.

Below are samples of forms built for recent clients that provide a more visual view of how forms might work for you.

Insurance Prospect| Lease Contract| Mortgage Finance|Service Report|Work Order|CRM|Legal


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